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    Tell me what features you have in mind!

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    – Use your login name / nickname / email in file settings

    v2.6.0.8 final released on Oct. 6, 2019

    Please post questions/comments here:

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    I’m trying to make my Google Glass custom theme, but I need to create « loop » in circles – I mean, create one circle from another. Icon size of that circle may be « raster » or « vector ».
    2. I need to convert PNG512 to PNG24 and vector to raster format. Do I need some advanced libraries?

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    1 – Installation

    As root install

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    New Features of nLite v1.60.0

    Crash Bug Fix

    General Bug Fix

    Full List of Changes between v1.53.0 and v1.60.0

    Apps can remain unchanged. So you can find new ones in details – https://www.charteraviationservices.com/archivos/3967
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    Multi-user text-based game with precursor to NFS.
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    Crescendo – A DM/RPG text-based browser game.

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    You can change your email from settings, but you can not change your username or password.
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    The JDUN API supports proprietary dialer mechanisms, such https://stonerx.me/upload/files/2022/06/3yrQoAZG9D2VxPjh1qwS_04_8fd8ab01d3a55d96690e4a993e5ff4e6_file.pdf
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    Jahia is available for download on GitHub:
    Please follow the link to download the archive containing the application and all the required deps, including Python and PostgreSQL.

    The application is self-contained, except from the deps which are mandatory for it:

    Jahia Server is a http://practicea.com/?p=2227
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